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Niche Paintball Shipping Policy & Terms (and applies to International Shipping)

By purchasing products and services (an ‘ORDER’) from Niche Paintball, you agree to the policy and terms, as outlined.

Niche Paintball only offers “USPS Priority Mail International” for international shipments outside of the USA.

The (‘CUSTOMER’) acknowledges to have read the following shipping terms and conditions prior to completing a purchase with Niche Paintball. By purchasing at www.nichepaintball.com, the CUSTOMER agrees to the following terms:

  • It is the responsibility of the CUSTOMER to understand, and adhere to, any and all regulations regarding the importation, ownership and use of any paintball-related product(s) or item(s) in their specific Country, State or Province. By placing an ORDER at nichepaintball.com, the CUSTOMER acknowledges the understanding of all laws governing such items and activities in the CUSTOMER specific Country, State or Province; and is acting in accordance with and in the scope of applicable laws.
  • If an issue or situation should arise with a Customs or State Agency, regarding the order and shipment, it is the full RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CUSTOMER to work with that Agency through the governing customs process. Niche Paintball is NOT responsible for any item detained or seized
    by any Customs or State Agency. Niche Paintball will NOT issue a refund or replacement on any ORDER for product(s) or item(s) detained, either temporarily or permanently, by a Customs or State agency, international or otherwise.
  • FEES (including, but not limited, to brokerage fees, duty fees, customs fees and international tariff fees) may apply to any shipment. Payments of such fees are typically required at delivery; and are due to the shipping carrier. These FEES are NOT included nor covered in the shipping costs associated (paid) with the ORDER completed on nichepaintball.comIt is the sole responsibility of the CUSTOMER to pay any and all fees regarding the shipment and import of any ordered product(s) or item(s). Niche Paintball is not responsible for any package that is refused at delivery; or for shipping costs associated with a refused package(s) and returned order(s). Any package(s) or item(s) refused and returned to Niche Paintball will have ALL FEES regarding its return deducted from the refund amount AND additional to 25% restocking fee applied. Niche Paintball will NOT credit fees or costs the CUSTOMER may owe at delivery.
  • Product(s) or item(s) may be subject to reviews by Customs Agent(s) or State Agencies. In rare cases, these paintball-related product(s) and/or item(s) are mistakenly deemed as ‘replica firearm(s) or replica firearm(s) products’ by Customs Agencies and seized.  By completing and placing the ORDER on nichepaintball.com, the CUSTOMER accepts any and all risks of delivery, delay, seizure and/or confiscation associated with purchasing such paintball-related product(s) or item(s).
  • All required customs forms will state the exact purchase price of the product(s) and/or item(s) in the ORDER. Niche Paintball will not adjust the purchase price of product(s) or item(s) on any forms, alter any invoice(s) or mark packages as ‘GIFTS’ to reduce or eliminate customs or duty fees that may be due at delivery. All international shipments and packages will contain an invoice stating the purchase price of the items in the ORDER. Niche Paintball will not ship a ‘PACKING SLIP’ in lieu of an INVOICE. By placing an ORDER, the CUSTOMER agrees to the Terms and Conditions binding all purchases made at nichepaintball.com.