Niche Paintball -­ Element Marker Release Announcement

Niche Paintball is pleased to announce its newest marker -­ Element

This marker was a little less than a year in the making; and brings a new body design, in various styles, with several new features to the platform.

The Element will be released in several pump model variants: Standard, Premium and Premium CE (Custom Editions) – “Aloha”, “Celtic” and “Reptilian” -­ with factory color selections available.

New features on the marker include:

  • Element Custom Body styling with integrated vertical air source adapter
    – Custom Feed Neck, Back Block, High Pressure Regulator and Front Block (available on most models)
  • Niche “Elite” Pump Kit with a dual-­rod modular handle and linear bearing on Premium Models
  • Niche “Clutch” Trigger Frame with matching panels and trigger shoe (86 models)
  • Freak-­Styled Ready – Niche Barrel System (model options may vary)
  • Niche “Cutter” Bolt & Pin with Delrin front
  • Niche Internal Valve & Hammer System on Premium Models

Element pricing will range from $899 -­ $1399+ USD based on model and options – with a limited number of markers available for this first production run.  Element Standard and Premium models Pre-Sale opens – October 3, 2015.  Element Premium CE models Pre-Sale to be announced separately.

Order yours direct from Niche Paintball online at

We feel we’ve done something special for the pump player and community -­ even the name was important to us – as it reflects being in one’s ‘Element’ with this marker; and we’re confident you will!– Niche Paintball

(optional products shown in pictures)