The Niche Paintball – 86 degree and 45 degree ergonomic ‘Clutch’ slide trigger frames for Autocockers – just raised the bar for comfort and quality!
These frames are engineered to feel more comfortable, pull smoother and give your old trusty Autococker a new outlook.

Niche ‘Clutch’ Slider Frame Specifications:
– Ergonomic 86 degree or 45 degree angle for a more comfortable grip
– Milled finger grooves
– New re-designed trigger plate with spring plunger kit
– Aluminum grip panels
– Nylon or Brass set screws for maximum adjustably and smoothness
– T-slot for compatible ASA on/off
– Niche Auto-Trigger compatible
– 100% designed and built in the USA
– Compatible with most WGP-style Autococker paintball markers

Includes: re-designed trigger plate with spring plunger kit, trigger sear and spring, frame screws and panels

Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Factory models color and finish are as-is offered by Niche Paintball.
Actual anodized colors and setup options may vary. Prices and product availability are subject to change without notice.

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2 thoughts on “Clutch Slider

  1. Hey I was wondering when you guys would have the gloss black Clutch slider frames back in stock? By the way, thanks for everything you guys are doing for paintball. Keep it up man, you guys make some kick ass products!

  2. Easily one of the most ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing (especially once you find a snatch grip to go with it) trigger frames I’ve seen come out for cocker-frame-friendly platforms since I started playing in 2006.

    It has that nice, dense, solid, unwavering feel that all luxuriously top-notch products tend to have and the trigger frame takes standard parts. I don’t know why you’d want to upgrade it unless you just have way too much money on your hands and want to fool around. The stock parts are fantastic (the original V1s were questionable, but these fixed every problem they had and made some aspects even better than they were originally.)

    Well worth it.

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